Lighting Tips

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Bathroom Lighting Tip:

Kichler Bathroom Lighting

It is recommended to have lighting from 2 directions - overhead (ceiling fixtures or recessed lighting) and forward (from sconces) to minimize shadows.


Accent Lighting Tip:


Accent lighting creates visual interest to any room. It can be used to highlight architectural details, artwork, fireplaces etc.  Accent lighting is usually provided by track, recessed or wall-mounted fixtures. 


Kitchen Lighting Tip:

Great kitchen lighting can be created with recessed lighting, under cabinet lighting, and decorative lighting.  Recessed lighting is best placed around the perimeter of the room and approximately 30" away from the wall.  Under cabinet lighting enhances the space and offers great ambient and task lighting.  


Bedroom Lighting Tip:

Comfortable bedroom lighting can be created with ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, fan lights, table lamps, recessed downlights or wall sconces.  Add a dimmer to help control the amount of light in the room at any given time and save energy.  


LED Lighting Tip:

Energy saving LED Lighting can be incorporated easily into every room in your home.   Many LED bulbs are now dimmable, give off instant and better light quality, contain no mercury, and won't contribute to heat build-up in your home.  

The initial cost of an LED bulb is higher than the cost of an incandescent or CFL bulb, but the savings is recouped over time because the bulb will last years longer and use much less energy. You will see the savings in your electric bill, which will repay you for your investment in a short period of time.